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For MCA Lenders Who Are Seeking To Grow Their Book of Business

Tens of Thousands of Leads Generated And Counting

Frequently Asked Questions

We consider a lead to be qualified when a prospect has specifically stated that they’re in need of a loan, and have passed our qualification filters. Filters include years in business, income, credit rating, business type and required loan amount. Additionally, our team personally follows up with each and every lead to confirm accuracy, and an immediate desire to speak with a lender.

Every lead is touched by a quality assurance specialist so that we minimize bogus leads. This process is highly laborious as it requires a human touch. While we do our best to screen out bad leads prior to sending to our clients, some do get through. We replace all bad leads.

Our two primary channels are outbound and inbound marketing. Outbound primarily consists of compiling business data and performing high volumes of telemarketing and email marketing. Inbound marketing consists of driving paid and organic to custom landing pages on our own, and or our partner websites.

  1. We classify a lead as bad when any of the following factors have occurred: False name or contact details. The prospect denies requesting to speak with a lender. The prospect has falsified their business earnings or was intentionally misleading.
  2. Leads that fail to close, but do not meet the standards defined above will not be classified as “bad”, and are not subject to a credit.

Clients are provided a lead delivery and tracking document. There are options within the document where a lead can be reported for investigation with our Quality Assurance department.

AllianceLeads started in 2003, servicing mortgage lenders and brokers.  Since our start, 17 years ago, we have generated tens of thousands of highly qualified leads for our clients in financial services.

This is by far one of the most complex questions to answer due to the fact, there are a wide variety of variables that control a closing ration.  Lenders selling smaller loans will need to keep their close rates higher, whereas lenders selling high loans do not need to close as much. 

The following are just a few elements that can affect the closing rate:

  • Unqualified sales lead (bogus data)
  • Prospect reached out to multiple lenders and was a tire kicker
  • Inexperienced sales development
  • Mismatched product offered
  • Uncompetitive interested rates
  1. Unlike many lead providers, we keep our client count low. We’re not a high volume shop, as those require unsustainable marketing tactics to supply clients with qualified leads.  With this in mind, we do all we can to provide our clients with the highest quality lead that can be generated, while keeping costs fair. Our guarantee is to do right by all our clients in an effort to be long term partners.
  2. Errors do happen, and when they do we do our best to resolve them amicably. There is a substantial cost to generating high-quality leads, which is why all disputes are run though our quality assurance resolution team for a full investigation.

Leads are provided to our clients in realtime. As soon as a lead has been marketed as qualified, it is then placed in the queue and uploaded to our client’s data report. Clients are immediately notified via email and SMS notifications. We’re currently working on an integration with Slack.

Clients should expect there to be some bad leads that come their way. There are a number of reasons leads are bad, but the leading ones are:

  • Inaccurate contact information
  • Business denies requesting a loan
  • Prospect was misleading.

Leads can be simply disputed utilizing right within our lead report. Upon submitting the dispute, our quality assurance team will investigate the issue and determine the best next step. In many cases, we’ll exchange the lead. Should we determine the lead was accurate, we will do our best to accommodate the situation.

  1. Most clients work off our standard reporting as it provides accountability and ease of ability to report back any discrepancies.
  2. Many CRM’s are capable of receiving “webhook” via API calls. This can be set up for our most committed clients.

We consider a lead to be qualified when a prospect has specifically stated that they’re in need of a loan, and have passed our qualification filters. Filters include years in business, income, credit rating, business type and required loan amount. Additionally, our team personally follows up with each and every lead to confirm accuracy, and an immediate desire to speak with a lender.

  1. We attempt to fulfill orders in a timely manner. Clients with larger orders can receive leads multiple times per day, whereas smaller orders are spread out over the course of a week.  
  2. AllianceLeads is essentially a marketing company and we’re at the mercy of the ebbs and flows of the market place. We’ve seen the market demand ebb and flow countless times for financial services. When it’s flowing, we do our best to not slam our clients with more leads than they can handle. And when it ebbs, we do our best to deliver leads to all our clients in order.

One of the most common questions we receive is regarding our ability to scale, to satisfy our client’s demand. Scaling requires significant resources and long term planning. We’ve been asked to scales to as many as thousands of qualified leads on a weekly basis and have been successful in servicing those contracts. 

Our Methodology

(Omni-Channel Marketing)

Generating Leads Is Hard Work

Spend Your Time Writing Loans & Making Money
We've Got The Marketing Covered

FACT: To generate leads, you must be a marketing master

Here are a few skills we’ve learned over 17 years to become successful lead generators in financial services

Inbound Marketing

Digital marketing is a constant evolution and requires a fulltime team of experts to handle our lead generation for our clients. Listed below are some of the areas we’ve had to perfect to generate qualified MCA sales leads.

  • Traffic: Paid Marketing (Google Ads, GDN, Programatic, Facebook, LinkedIn and Native Advertising
  • Conversions: Landing Page Development, Lead Magnets and Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Lowering Acquisition Costs: Developing funnels based on the prospects stage in the loan research process. Includes paid ad remarketing and email marketing

Outbound Marketing

Most lenders/brokers fail at prospecting because they’re unable to develop the proper time balance between nurturing their pipeline and filling it.  We’ve learned to perform this at scale to generate highly qualified MCA leads.

  • Research: Outreach starts by performing hundreds of hours of research to build the target audience
  • Cold Calling: Having a trained team of SDR’s who can handle volume and master their script is what makes us successful
  • Quality Assurance Auditing: Behind our team of highly trained SDR’s resides our QA department. The role is to provide an additional level of quality control before any lenders/brokers call on the prospect  

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